1. Reservations

Reservations can be made by telephone, fax, letter, e-mail or on our site. Bookings are confirmed only with the payment of the deposit that will be made by bank transfer or by credit card. The amount of the deposit is 30% of booking value. In case of booking and confirmed in writing via mail or fax without the support of the hotel deposit payment is free at any time to cancel the booking. All prices are per person (except for package offers) and are expressed in Euro including VAT. Treatment with half board starts with dinner on day of arrival (check-in from 15.00) and ends with breakfast on departure day (check-out before 10.00 am).

2. Arrival and departure time

Hotel Dolomiti Chalet delivery rooms starting at 15:00 until at 23. In the event of arrival after the scheduled time the hotel will apply a surcharge of € 20.00 per room, the customer is still obligated to communicate the estimated time of arrival. Departure (checkout) the rooms must be left by 10:00. You can still use the hotel facilities (swimming pool, restaurant, bar, etc) will be charged as per price list. Upon request and subject to availability you can delay the start. In this case it will be a surcharge of € 25,00 per room until 14.00, € 50.00 until 18:00. Hotel facilities will be included in the price set forth above.

3. Payment condition

Each payment is made directly to the Mugon Ltd., as specified on the booking confirmation. Payment must be made within 2 working days from the date of circulation of the booking confirmation. In case of delay in payment of the deposit Dolomiti Chalet you reserve different allocation of the room booked and will refund the sum received without any obligation by the hotel. In case of late payment it is therefore equivalent to a withdrawal of the booker. E 'can pay the balance of the stay in cash, by means of the Visa credit cards, Mastercard, Maestro or cash instead do not accept payment by bank checks.

3.1. Criminal

In case of cancellation or no-show, the hotel reserves to be able to apply a penalty equal to 70% of the value related to the official price list and published and calculated for the period of stay booked. The deposit paid by way of reservation will be retained as penitential according to reports in Article 4 of these conditions.

3.2. Insurance

It is possible to make an insurance to guarantee your reservation. To take out the insurance policy CLICK HERE

4. Cancellation condition

You can cancel the reservation only in written form, we do not accept phone cancellations. The cancellation terms are as follows; Within 30 days from the date of arrival: it will be deducted the amount paid as deposit and may be used for another stay at our hotel later this season or the next one in an equivalent or lower period-end. The period ranges are indicated by the letter A), the highest up to the letter D) the lowest reported up article 14 of these terms until the year 2016. From 29 to 15 days of the arrival date: the deposit will withheld, it will be given opportunity to the customer to be able to book in another period of the same season or the next one in an equivalent or lower period-end, with a penalty of 30% of the value of the deposit. The period ranges are indicated by the letter A), the highest up to the letter D) the lowest reported up article 14 of these terms until the year 2016. From 15 days to arrival day: the hotel will keep the deposit as a penalty for cancellation with no possibility of recovery of the same.
If the customer is presented a few days after the date of arrival without giving proper notice to the hotel does not guarantee room availability. The amount payable will be the one agreed upon in the process of booking and confirmation.

4.1 Early departure

In case of early departure the hotel requires payment equal to 100% of the daily value agreed by the number of nights and take advantage of 50% of the list price value published for the remaining unused nights.

5. Behavior rules inside the hotel

The customer is kindly requested to respect the rules imposed by the hotel as well as exposed inside and listed in the folder containing the general conditions of the hotel that is on the table in the room. Management has the responsibility and the duty to enforce the Regulation in compliance with the regulations. The customer has the obligation to respect the rules imposed. In the case of complaints by customers against other guests the hotel is committed to take action against infringers is to enforce the rules, but will not be held responsible in any case for the inconvenience caused by third parties.

6. Arrival in hotel

The check-in takes place directly at the hotel reception where there will be the registration of documents. Later it will receive the room that was previously viewed by the hotel staff and found acceptable. If, however, that the customer discovers a breakage or defects is invited to communicate them immediately to the reception that will intervene promptly to the arrangement. Any damage caused to the rooms and the hotel structure caused by the client will be charged for the value of the actual damage caused.

7. Departures from hotel

The checkout operations are done directly at the reception. The officers will provide to submit the proforma of the account so that the customer can verify the accuracy of the amounts reported and amounts related to purchased extra charges during the stay. Unless otherwise specified insiders will print the receipt. You can request separate accounts as well as the invoice if requested upon arrival at the hotel.

8. Offers

It is the faculty of the Hotel Dolomiti Chalet do, both on its website, or directly to the customer, even in limited numbers, for particular periods, several offers from those listed above in its official price list and is characterized by costs, which terms and more favorable to the customer conditions. The promotional offer will be considered in any case limited to a short period, for a limited number of rooms and not repeatable.

9. Force majeure

Except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions Hotel, Dolomiti Chalet is not responsible for any additional cost or expense incurred by the customer in the event that the full or partial use of the hotel services is limited because of the occurrence the causes of "force majeure." "Force majeure" means any event that can not be predicted or avoided - using ordinary care - from Hotel Dolomiti Chalet or its service providers and / or services. By way of example, they include war or similar events, riots, civil wars, terrorist attacks, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, interruptions of roads, disrupting the supply of essential services (electricity, water, gas) not attributable to the hotel, however, strikes or any other event outside the control of the hotel Dolomiti Chalet

10. Hotel Responsibility to the customer

L'Hotel Dolomiti Chalet be liable for any failure or any inconvenience caused during their stay whenever the cause of such failure or discomfort can be attributed to a significant breach of the Hotel or its employees for posts made by them during the year their duties of employees. Will in any case burden the customer to prove any infringement complained of by the Hotel or its officers.

11. Animals

Are allowed small pets with extra charge of € 10,00 per day, the availability is limited and to be agreed with the hotel management. In any case, the animals can not access the hotel's restaurant, in the pool and in its public areas. The owners of animals must ensure that these do not skylights or disturb the other guests, it is also absolutely forbidden afford to do their business in the hotel's relevance. Any damage caused by animals may be charged.

12. Beauty Center

The spa services, massage and treatment, are paid as well as beauty list. Hotel Dolomiti Chalet please its customers to kindly book the Beauty & Vital treatments at the time of booking your stay, in order to offer them the best service, otherwise the hotel does not guarantee the service. Any cancellation of a Beauty & Vital treatment already booked, must be communicated directly to the Management of the Hotel at least 24 hours before the transfer. If not, or if the customer does not show up for treatment without giving prior notice of this, it will be charged an amount equal to 50% of the cost of the treatment itself.

13. Swimpool and SPA

The swimming pool as well as the wellness area is available for guests and is free of charge, unless otherwise agreed. In the pool is required to read and comply with all rules set forth, children under 10 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. The spa area is only possible to access more years 16. In the spa cabins is required to access without the costume and with the cloth. Violators will be asked to leave the spa from the Hotel managers.

14. Bands of the period identified by n ° of week

2017: period: A) 1; 8; 9; 32; 33; 52; 53. B) 5; 6; 7; 10; 11; 14; 31; 34; 35; 51 C) 2; 3; 4; 12; 28; 29; 30; 36; 50 D) 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 37; 38; 49

Other conditions and restrictions

All plants reproduce schematic and indicative manner the arrangement of the rooms; however, there may be discrepancies.

Ski and bicycle: The ski room, bicycles and other bulky items is only authorized within the appropriate internal warehouses hotel. The deposit is free of charge and unattended title.

Food and Drink: It is not allowed to bring in the hotel drinks and foods purchased outside and eat them inside. The hotel reserves the right to apply the € 10.00 per room for cleaning and clearing of waste in the rooms and € 5.00 per person for the service at the bar.

Garage: The use of the garage is free of charge as well as the price list or agreed upon booking. The garage is not guarded directly by the hotel staff although there is a video surveillance system useful in the event of disputes. Hotel Dolomiti Chalet accepts no responsibility for damage that may be caused to the media and not connected directly to the Hotel responsibility.

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